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V8's: Frosty confident of a top five start

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Mark Winterbottom made it into tomorrow's top ten shootout at the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, qualifying seventh despite a small mistake made at The Chase.

The reigning series champion is confident in The Bottle-O Ford's speed, with the belief the car has top-five pace for the shootout.

“We were actually going pretty good at the end of that run,” he said. “I just nicked the tyre at The Chase and on the front so I think we could have been probably second there at the end.”

“I think the car's okay, it's just hard now because the guys that go out last in the shootout definitely have an advantage.”

“We'll tune her up and try and get a little bit better and see if we can start somewhere up the front. Just a little, slight lock up and it was either going to be an awesome corner or it was going to lock and it just went on the bad side. Pretty close otherwise and we'll keep working."

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