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F1: Aussie men being held over Ricciardo celebrations in Malaysia

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When an Australian wins in the major sports arena, one thing is for sure, Aussies will do their utmost to celebrate and get into the celebration mood, and when Daniel Ricciardo won the Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday, Aussies in the crowd certainly didn’t disappoint!

However, it seems as if someone quite well known in the Australian political arena was in the middle of the celebrations as he stripped down to his ‘budgie smugglers’ brandishing the Malaysian flag underwear in front of the thousands of other fans celebrating at the track.

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According to the Advertiser, the man in question is Jack Walker, Defence Innovation advisor to the Minister of Defence, Christopher Pyne, and according to reports he is just one of 9 cheeky Australians aged between 25 and 29 who were eager to display their possible tribute to former Aussie Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Malaysian authorities are said to be very distressed over the situation and want all 9 men investigated and legal action taken.

“It embarrasses their own country as well, it gives Australians a bad name,” Sepang International Circuit chief executive officer Datuk Razlan Razali tole the New Straits Times. “I am glad that citizens reported on it and that we do not allow such unruly behaviour in our country, especially at the circuit with Formula One being televised worldwide.”

“The matter is being handled appropriately by the Australian High Commissioner,” said a spokeswoman for Christopher Pyne. “Until we have a clearer picture of the process at hand, it would be unwise to comment further.”

Just as Daniel removed his shoe on the podium and proceeded to fill it with champagne and drink from it, the men in question were pouring beer into their shoes and drinking it while chanting ‘Aussi Aussie Aussi, Oi Oi Oi”

The men are currently being held by local authorities while they investigate the claims and whether or not they can be charged for public indecency and disrespecting the Malaysian flag.

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