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F1: Lauda denies Hamilton's claim

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With Lewis Hamilton’s eighth Mercedes engine going up in a huge cloud of smoke and flames during the Malaysian Grand Prix when he had dominated all weekend and was on course to take victory around the Sepang Circuit, Mercedes’ Niki Lauda admitted that he felt personally sorry for his driver, but insisted that there was nothing sinister behind the failure, something Lewis hinted at when speaking to the media.

Hamilton hinted that something ‘was not right’ about the fact that only his Mercedes engines were unreliable and while he didn’t come out and say the team were against him, he hinted that someone or something was, something Lauda flatly denied….

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"I'm really upset about myself and my organization because we shouldn't let him down with an engine failure. I feel personally very sorry for him. Engine failures can happen but we have to analyze more carefully what went wrong,” he told Sky TV. “It was a fairly new engine, so it was not something old we put in his car, so we did everything possible to make him finish all the races. What went wrong? I do not know, we will find out and correct it. I feel personally very sorry about him and these things can happen."

"I can convince him and say certainly we do nothing against him. We are people working for him, we are proud of him and these things happen. From our point of view we do everything possible that he finishes the race and he has finished so many races, he won already two championships so on this side we are well balanced. Unfortunate that it happened to him, I will apologize and then we have to keep on going."

"I take him to Japan tomorrow morning in my plane and then I hope I can bring him up because the championship is over when the last race is over. So 23 points is a lot he has to gain but you never know what happens to the other guy."

After taking time to cool down and calm down, Hamilton revoked his earlier sentiments and said that all was well within the team….

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